Monday, October 29, 2007

Outlet 07 Costume Party - some creative costumes!

The Annual Outlet Costume Party was this Saturday night...each year the costumes are more creative! I have posted the costume contest winners and a few others from the night.

Best Team Effort: Heather and John as "OPERATION"

Most Creative (for the 3rd year!): Shannon as a cat scratching post.

Most Humorous: Brent as a Wheaties star

The Smarts and I were Grey's Atamony rejects: McBeach, McSparkly, and McSporty.

Billy was a Christmas enthusiast...yes that is a jug of eggnog.

John and Lauren as the 2007 World Series

Rich and Beth as Cinderella and the Prince

Why I go to Santa Clarita to get my hair done?

I am often asked the question..."Why do you drive to Santa Clarita to get your hair done?" I think this blog entry will explain it all!!!

This is hairdresser...she is the best. She has been doing my hair for about 8 years and now my entire family goes to her too. On Saturday the salon was decorated and dressed up for Halloween. The hair dressers were in costume and they had a great spread of yummy treats.

Ruthie was Sally O'Mally from Saturday Night Live...she had so much fun dancing around pointing out her "half century hump" because as Sally says, "I'm 50!"

One of the hairdessers was a shadow box dander and created a staging area for herself and anyone else who wanted to dance, poose, etc.

Me and my sister Christy at lunch later that afternoon.

YL Bonfire

On Friday night we had a Young Life Bonfire at the beach. The kids relaxed around the fire, made smores, some jumped in the ocean, and had a great time spending together. There were about 50 kids at this event. Thank you for your continued prayers for the ministry.

JJ, me, and Lucas (Lucas was a YL kid and is now on YL staff...God is so good!)
Me and Steve...he makes me look so short in this photo.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

BOOCO! - Halloween + Bunco = Booco!

Last night was Halloween Bunco...we call it BOOCO!!! Lisa (in the purple) is the best Halloween host because she goes all out. She decorated everywhere (even the bathroom), made so much food, and had a craft for us to complete (pictured below).
BIG BUNCO NEWS: Mark your calendars...the 2008 Bunco World Championship dates have been announced..the tournament is March 7 to 9 in Las Vegas...don't worry...the I have marked the date in my blueberry (my day planner that is blue) and yes I will be going...who wants to join in!!!
We all dress in costume for the big event. Sorry Lauren that I am blocking you...the fro still made it out in the photo!
Melissa and I were is BUNCO!!!
Kelly was strawberry shortcake...the hat was super cute.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Movie Weekend

I am naming this weekend movie weekend. In between school work, cleaning up, and some new clothes shopping...I went to the movies!

On Saturday night I want to see "Dan in Real Life" with Taylor. We would both give it 2 thumbs way up! Taylor said about four times, "That was so good!"...It was a sneak preview this weekend so check it out soon!
Pastor Shawn and James are leading a special Sunday school class for the next few weeks called, "Coming Attractions." They play clips from the movies and discuss how it relates to our faith. Today's movie was, "Blood Diamond"...I appreciated seeing the clips that focused on the father's (Solomon's) love for his son (Dia) and what a picture that is of how God loves us and goes after everyone of his "lost" sheep.
The final movie of the weekend was "Int the Wild." My book club choose this book to read so we planned to go to the movie tonight after reading the book. As explained on Yahoo Movies, "Freshly graduated from college with a promising future, 22 year-old ChristopherMcCandless instead walked out of his privileged life and into the wild in search of adventure.his explained on Yahoo Movies, ". The critics gave the film a B+. I don't know if I would completely agree. I did not look at is a movie for entertainment value...I was mainly comparing it to the book to see if it matched up. Just me being attention to detail...I believe Chris worked at McDonald's and in the book he worked at Burger King. This does not change the story at all...I just assume it was a business related decision in the movie making plan.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Ice Cream Cake - My First Attempt!

First ice cream cake!

Cupcakes in the towers of PINK!

The take-away gift was fun pink candies!

From the inside of the cake.

John Mo's Birthday cake from about 2 years of my favorite cakes that I made!

As many of you know...I enjoy baking. I find it therapeutic. I would much rather bake a cake, cookies, or brownies before buying these treats at the store. My top baking suggestions are always...stick to the plan, use the real ingredients (butter, eggs, etc), and add a little extra of what you love (vanilla in chocolate chip cookies)!

All of that to say...last weekend was Lacey's wedding shower. When I asked her what type of cake was her favorite she said, "mint chip ice cream cake!" What the woman wants the woman will get. I took this as an opportunity to try to make my first ice cream cake. I got the recipe from martha stewart online. It was quite the process...yet it was tasty!!! Here are some photos. I am also including photos of some other cakes I made in the past that are my favorites!

Random Potato

I apologize that it has been over a week since I have updated the blog. This is what has been going on in my life, SCHOOL aka WORK! So why not share a story about school where I have been spending so much of my time.

So yesterday when I got to the trash can right outside of my room was "RANDOM POTATO MAN!" Where did it come from? Who knows. What it is? I think a potato that grew a little weird. All I know is when I was unlocking my door it caught my eye and I thought, "Wow...what is this thing?" is going on the blog!

If you zoom in (please see Image 2) appears as if this is a
potato man with a body, eye ball, and green hair!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fall and Summer...pretty much the same in LA!

I thought this was a classic shot of my "CLASSIC" new bike (that is the model name). That is the Manhattan Pier in the background. On Saturday Becky, Matt, Sheri, Tim, and I biked through the Shari Dessert (aka sand that at blown up and covered about 10% of the strand path) to the Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair. I bought a few early Christmas gifts.

"Kicking It" Outlet Style

Tonight was an Outlet event called, "Kick the Can!" What we do is take over the two racquetball courts by Matt and Becky's house to play. Each person stands along the perimeter of the court and protects and can that is 2 feet (regulation distance) from the wall. The Conrads brought this game to the Outlet about three years ago. I hope you enjoy the photos...

Tim, Sheri, and I on the stairs (a little sweaty).

To give you a visual of the game inside the court.
Hanging out on the stairs...
still on the stairs...
and still on the stairs!

After the game we went for Pizza at Stuft Pizza and a few of us went to the new yogurt shop in El Segundo (yoguryberry). I like it yet I must be honest and say it is second place to traditional frozen yogurt which I love! I would be a huge supporter of a yogurt shop opening in El Segundo...I even have a name...Gundo Fro Yo! (we just need the financial backing...anyone interested???)

Becky, Angela, and I posing in the PINK PALACE!
Brandon got a special birthday yogurt and I got all of the other customers to sing to him...thanks Brandon for being such a good sport!
Overall a great way to "kick" back and enjoy a Sunday evening before another busy week of school/work (I call it both!). Here is to another great weekend!