Friday, October 19, 2007

Ice Cream Cake - My First Attempt!

First ice cream cake!

Cupcakes in the towers of PINK!

The take-away gift was fun pink candies!

From the inside of the cake.

John Mo's Birthday cake from about 2 years of my favorite cakes that I made!

As many of you know...I enjoy baking. I find it therapeutic. I would much rather bake a cake, cookies, or brownies before buying these treats at the store. My top baking suggestions are always...stick to the plan, use the real ingredients (butter, eggs, etc), and add a little extra of what you love (vanilla in chocolate chip cookies)!

All of that to say...last weekend was Lacey's wedding shower. When I asked her what type of cake was her favorite she said, "mint chip ice cream cake!" What the woman wants the woman will get. I took this as an opportunity to try to make my first ice cream cake. I got the recipe from martha stewart online. It was quite the process...yet it was tasty!!! Here are some photos. I am also including photos of some other cakes I made in the past that are my favorites!


La familia Sobaje said...

Wow - ice cream around the top of the cake.... I pictured it inside the cake when you told me you were making one!

T-Money said...

I would like a cake make out of money, covered with espresso please! In the alternative, I would take some of your famous chocolate chip cookies, an all time classic Jen favorite!!

Nicole Svendsen said...

You are a great baker...I don't love to bake so much!!! maybe you could give me some lessons-I could use some relaxation therapy too:)