Friday, October 19, 2007

Random Potato

I apologize that it has been over a week since I have updated the blog. This is what has been going on in my life, SCHOOL aka WORK! So why not share a story about school where I have been spending so much of my time.

So yesterday when I got to the trash can right outside of my room was "RANDOM POTATO MAN!" Where did it come from? Who knows. What it is? I think a potato that grew a little weird. All I know is when I was unlocking my door it caught my eye and I thought, "Wow...what is this thing?" is going on the blog!

If you zoom in (please see Image 2) appears as if this is a
potato man with a body, eye ball, and green hair!

1 comment:

T-Money said...

Yeah, I think I know him... hmmm...

Regardless, don't you think he needs a name? I'm thinking Howard...