Monday, October 29, 2007

Why I go to Santa Clarita to get my hair done?

I am often asked the question..."Why do you drive to Santa Clarita to get your hair done?" I think this blog entry will explain it all!!!

This is hairdresser...she is the best. She has been doing my hair for about 8 years and now my entire family goes to her too. On Saturday the salon was decorated and dressed up for Halloween. The hair dressers were in costume and they had a great spread of yummy treats.

Ruthie was Sally O'Mally from Saturday Night Live...she had so much fun dancing around pointing out her "half century hump" because as Sally says, "I'm 50!"

One of the hairdessers was a shadow box dander and created a staging area for herself and anyone else who wanted to dance, poose, etc.

Me and my sister Christy at lunch later that afternoon.


Nicole Svendsen said...

That is hilarious...I kick and I jump and I stretch and I'm 50!!!!! I understand Jen!

Laurie said...

Ruthie made it on...yay!! Tell Christy I like the darker hairdo as well! :)