Sunday, November 11, 2007

10 Year Reunion Weekend

Saturday night was my 10 year high school reunion...Let's here it for Saugus High's class of 1997! I am thankful that I was able to go to the reunion and connect with old friends. Here are some highlights from the weekend. My very good friend Trina spent the weekend with me...she was in town from Washington D.C. for the event!

Me and Trina
Some of my favorite people from high school...Jenny, Shannon, Jim, Susie, Jeremy, and myself. I wish we would have taken more photos. Many of them stay connected on myspace so I might need to give up and get a myspace!

Susie and I have been friends since 2nd grade (when we were bused from our commuity to Rio Vista becuase the schools in our new housing development were still being built). She teaches middle school math in New Mexico and was married four years ago. I am so thankful that I connected with her and we were able to enoy the evening together.

This is Jeremy and I. Jeremy is great at maintaining friendship and I am so thankful to have someone like him to help keep everyone together...nice job "coach"! He is now working for the LA Kings...a lifelong dream come true!

Sheri cam over to do my hair and makeup for the night. She is gifted in the area and helped me to look like a diva! Thanks Walsh I heart you lots!

On Friday night we made a trip to Westwood for Diddy Resse...check out these prices...they are awesome...I love cookies and the ones they make are awesome!

We ended a great weekend with a night at the Underground for football with Shannon (the big fan) and some friends. I have always had the homework on hand...thanks to Stephanie (who was my Teacher's Assistant for the night) I got a lot of work done!

The big Colts fans...Shannon and matter what happens in the game you two always look super cute!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

This first shot says it all...good times in HAWAII!!! Jonathan and Lacey got married this weekend in Honolulu...which gave a group of us friends the opportunity to take a fun trip to Hawaii. This is the first set of photos...I will send others that I get from others on the trip (and yes I will email these photos to you as well so we can all swap shots!)
The Hawaiian sunset...Nickki took this one...great shot!

My suitcase...when I was younger I remember my mom telling me I could bring whatever I wanted to as long as I could carry it myself...I still abide by that role and I do tend to pack a lot (just in case!). This is a photo of my suitcase (nicked the Titanic by others!) on the scale at LAX and yes that is bag weights 50.0 pounds. They charge if your bag is over 50 pounds...that was amazing...of course it had t go on the blog!

We left on Halloween night...Sheri and Tim dressed up as Hawaiian tourists for our flight...I cannot believe security let them threw like that! cute!

Jonathan and Lacey arranged a trip to Pearl Harbor. It was interesting about the events at Pearl Harbor that were the start of World War II.

We went snorkeling and were starving...these are some funny shots once we got was a community eating event!

Eating breakfast...we are ready for a day of fun on the island.

The wedding was at turtle bay...a beautiful site...
Jonathan and Lacey looked great and were smiles from ear to ear.

Jacob (Jonathan's brother) played a song in the ceremony...I love the personal touches to a wedding ceremony.

All of the guests got leis...Anna was in charge of passing them out!
(Stay tuned for the awesome shots of the dancing...I love to dance as you know!)

Chris celebrated his birthday while we were there.
Kevin and April flew for the day to Maui on Sunday and got ENGAGED!..congratulations!
(Sheri got a great shot of them just after telling us...stay tuned for that photo).

I was intrigued by this lei that was on Duke at Duke's Restaurant (it had the ends of bananas on it).

Nickki and my fun photo shot in the car...thanks Brandon for driving us around!

The perfect ending to a great trip...SHAVE ICE...on the way to the airport we say Shave Ice. We had not had it on the trip yet so Matt pulled over on and we made quick stop.

Nickki, Becky, and I excited to end our trip with a little treat!

More fun backseat shots!

And a fun one from the front seat!

Thank you Bakers for making Hawaii your wedding site...we all had a great time!

Halloween at Work/School

Sometimes I call it work...sometimes I call it school...either way I love teaching high school for many of which is you get to dress up for Halloween...anyone intested in applying!
Here is a shot of the front of my classroom. I was a ladybug (always an easy costume!) was one of my students so we took a photo together!

Caline was a bumble bee. (Construction worker Chirs is in the background at his desk!)

Some of the contest winners...they went all out...the kids love it!

Spirit Week at Work/School

Last week was Spirit week at school (leading up to Homecoming)...I was only there for the first three days of the week because I left on Wednesday night for Hawaii...but (as Heidi and I would say..."Don't be confused"....I took photos of the three days I was there. Monday was 80's day...Tuesday was Twin's Day...Wednesday was Halloween (see the next post) and I missed Geek Day on Thursday! (so sad!).

Melissa and I in our 80s attire!
I had my ipod and speakers with 80s tunes ready (don't worry...Vanilla Ice was on the list) and between the class periods I went outside my room for a little dance party as the students came to class. They joined in and danced as well.
A little more dancing inside...don't worry...I got down to business and taught math!

Twin's day (Melissa and I with our "Get Real" shirts. The shirts say "GET (1+2i)(1-2i) REAL". For all you math lovers out there...when you multiply these two complex numbers (containing imaginary numbers) the product is 5 (a real number!).

Andrew, Miguel, and Merritt...ready for Twin's day (I love our math dept...such spirit!!!)