Monday, January 28, 2008

Daily Life at a High School

I thought I would share a little bit about my life as a high school teacher. It has it's special moments! So as many of you know I am often jealous of those who get to go out to lunch. That is why I love having special lunches over the summer. All of that to say I bring my lunch everyday because I would never eat what they have at school (too scary!). Recently I got a new fun lunch bag that is definitely worth being showcased on the blog!

It fits everything perfectly!

In high school I loved playing teacher and writing on the board and or overhead projector. When I was in high school I would do the geometry proofs for the class from time to time. Here is a showcase of some of the artwork my students have recently displayed on my white board. I am pretty particular about keeping the board neat and clean (shocking I know) so they usually only get a few minutes of board fame before I wipe it clean!

A special story from Krizia

Erica was especially proud of her use of color on the rainbow!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Family Math Night

Last night was an annual event at my school...Family Math Night. The night is always so much fun as students go around to the various exhibits and have fun doing math (yes it is possbile!). I love many aspects of my job and last night reminded me of that. Here are a few photos from the event.

Math Twister...that must be fun!

My booth this year was a giant Mathematics Vocbabulary crossword puzzle. Our theme was vocabulary so I thought a crossword would be fun. Students can up to the booth...picked a word down or across and then I read a clue to them. They then used the clues and spaces to find the word that belonged in that spot on the puzzle. I was please with how well it went.

One of our math department members has a jazz band that played at the was a great addtion to the night!

Princess for a Day

A special blog "shout out" to Nickki and Allison...
"Thank you ladies for making me a princess for the day!!!"

Monday, January 21, 2008

Chipotle - The GUNDO THANKS YOU!!!

My El Segundo neighbors and I would like to thank Chipotle for coming to El Segundo! Last night we showed our thanks by getting together at our new favorite hangout for dinner!

What a great group...I love you all!!!

Good stuff!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Family Flashback

Today I met my family in Northridge for lunch (it is just about a half way point). I sat in traffic both was worth it...I love seeing them. I meant to take a photo today yet forgot so I thought I would post some fun family flashback photos of the five of us over the past few years. Before I do that...I am going to tell you five things I love about the five of us...

1. We always make each other laugh (even if it is at the expense of one of us).
2. They always tell the truth...we tell it like it is.
3. We can have five conversations going at the same time and we always know what we are talking about.

4. We always eat off of each other plates...consider whatever is ordered to be fair game for everyone else to try.

5. They love me for me no matter what crazy or embarrassing thing I do or say (Christy always gets over it).

A photo from my birthday bash two years ago. I have this photo on my desk at school and there are two classic questions that my students ask...1. Are those your two sisters? (yes mom they ask that) and 2. Who is the boy? (and then I tell sister's husband...who is now my special brother friend!).

Easter a few years back

We love our Starbucks! Two years ago on a trip to Seattle we visited the original store.

Thanks family I love you!!!

On Friday night a group of girls from the Gundo went to see 27 Dresses (staring Grey's Anatomy's Katherine Heigl...who doesn't love a good chick flick. I was especially excited for this movie and enjoyed every minute of it. I did laugh out loud numerous times! The movie was to be released last Friday (the 11th) yet was pushed back to yesterday...I was in the "blueberry" and I was counting down the days.
From Yahoo Movies..."Jane is idealistic, romantic and completely selfless--a perennial bridesmaid whose own happy ending is nowhere in sight. But when younger sister Tess captures the heart of Jane's boss--with whom she is secretly in love--Jane begins to reexamine her "always-a-bridesmaid..." lifestyle." On another note...there were some fun previews as well...more good chick flicks are soon to hit the big screen...look out ladies!

Happy Birthday Becky...

On Thursday night we went out for my very special friend Becky's Birthday.
We had a great dinner Rock'n-Fish in Manhattan Beach (we love that place).
Becky giving the camera a fun look while she blows out the candle as Matt smiles proudly!
Happy Birthday Becky!
Fun Friend Fact: Becky's Birthday is my half birthday!

The girls smiling big! (sorry about the red eyes...I need to check the setting on my camera)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Twin Sweaters

So...more about my clothing...

On Sunday morning when I got to church I saw that Angela and I were wearing our matching green sweaters. Our friend Taylor sells a line of clothing that we love. I felt as if it was definitely a blog worthy moment!

Thursday, January 10, 2008


On Christmas Eve I feel in love with my sister's scarf. (It is pictured below in the bottom left). Christy and Drew got me the blue and white stripped one when I shared how much I wanted a new scarf. I love that one yet was excited to get some more new fun scarves. This lead me to my after Christmas scarf shopping. I searched far and wide and could not find the cool scarves that I was seeing all around before Christmas. My sister told me that she got her new scarf in October because she knew from last year to buy early! I did not learn that until this year. So where did I go next...the internet to find some fun scarves. So my faithful blog my new scarves.
(With this first week back to school from break I have been busy with the school routine so I thought what can I share with my blog readers...hence my scarves!)
Many of my work outfits this week were designed around my scarves!

A close-up of Christy's that I finally found online and purchased my own of. Christy is a great shopper and very gracious to let me copy her style!

Last Friday night my scarf's first outing was to the Lakers game with (Nik, Jeff, Cleve, Lindsey, and Cynthia). It was a fun game...the Lakers game and we each got two free tacos from Jack-in-the Box (good stuff!).

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Spontaneous New Year's Day

When I woke up this morning for the first 2008...I had no specific plans and it turned into a great fun-filled spontaneous day! A few of us girls went to Paradise Beach Cafe (nice work Nickki and Allison). It is a super cozy place in Malibu right on the fact it has its own private beach.

The fun restaurant pagers are light-up lobsters!

A cute scarf shot of Taylor and Nickki

Cheers to 2008!

Then I called Jeremy who was able to get us tickets to tonight's LA King's game (we sat in the 7th row from the ice just behind the opponents box...thanks Jeremy!). I think we ladies were good luck for the team because they won the Chicago Blackhawks 9-2. Jeremy said that the Kings had not scored 9 goals in a game since 1995...seriously we are good luck!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Eve...Dinner and Dancing!

We run in the new year with a group of 30 was a fun-filled night of dinner and dancing! We had dinner at Teresa's...or should I say we took over Teresa's.
The staff was so nice and accommodating!

A group shot!

Brandy loves Teresa's so she was very excited...Ray was excited too!

The party continued at Bad Dog Ale...we heard it was going to be a masquerade party so a few of us got these cool masks...we were the masquerade party...I will leave it at that!

Fun times...they had "Happy New Year" tiaras...always a staple of the New Year's Eve Party!

A flashback photo from New Year's two years ago in Lake Tahoe...
see I love that Happy New Year Tiara!

Allison and I...Allison is one of my number one blog readers!

We are excited for 2008!

Proof that I helped the dance party to get started and kept it going!

Another flashback photo from the Tahoe New Year's Dance party two years ago!

Brandy...another faithful reader!

Congratulations to Sheri and Tim on their Christmas day engagement. You two go together like "gin and juice!" can ask them for the story on that one!

Another fun night from Shannifer...we love to plan parties and are so thankful that the special places of El Segundo are always waiting for our crowd. Check out Shannon's blog for other great photos from the night.