Friday, March 28, 2008

Body Worlds

On Monday I got to go to some of the science classes to the ScienCenter to see Body Worlds 3. Many of the students in my honors class were going so it was fun to go along with them.

They know abou the blog and were excited to get a photo on it!

I loved this sign so I thought I would share the math love with the rest of you!

Easter Sunday

My family came down to celebrate Easter Sunday. We had lunch at my apartment and then went on a bike ride to Hermosa. It was my first ride since the fall...I am excited for the sunny weather to get back out there!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Outlet takes over Red Robin

Last night we had an Outlet event that started with the Good Friday service at church and was followed by dinner at Red Robin. So by the title of this blog entry you can tell that we had quite a few people for dinner...about fifty at our last count. It was fun to see everyone enjoying dinner together.

We took over the entire patio and then had another 10 or so peole seated inside as shown below.

We you do not see in these pictures is our server who was very excited to have this large party. Also not pictured are the other servers for the evening which included Dave taking orders, Angela passing out the serving items, Shannon and myself passing out meals and the checks at the end of the night, the Harts passing out food, and the many others who helped move the patio furniture ot accomodate our big group. It was certainly a blog worthy event!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Poker Club

Last night Nickki and Allison hosted the first Poker Club! Brandon (guess which person he is below?...!!!) was the super patient teacher for the night. We learned a lot and had a great deal of fun playing Texas Hold-Um Poker!

We put in $10 each and guess what...I walked home with $18!!! Taylor was the big winner for the night and Angela and I were right behind her. We now know the rankings (Straight, Full House, Flush, etc.) and the basic of how the game is played...we are still working on the strategy a bit....that will come with time. Those are speical Poker Club shirts...we got them at that new high-end store...I believe it is called Wallgreens! I am so could at playing Bunco...oh yeah that is right...that game does not require much skill.

We have our intent poker faces on. I think it was more like "okay what are all the things I need to be paying attention to...who might have what cards? based on the turn (or river) what is my highest hand?" It was serious fun once we got the hang of things.

The "bling bling "winners with their loads of I learned last night, "It was a cash game!"

Special thanks to Nickki and Allison for hosting and Brandon for being an excellent teacher!

Blog Worthy Moment

Yesterday I had a blog worthy moment...I did my weekly errands on Friday afternoon and experienced a blog worthy moment. As many of you know I love coupons and have quite the weekly system. At Ralphs this week I spent $13.61 and purchased all of the items shown below.

This is the process...I cut the coupons each week and organized them by categories (dairy, frozen, etc.). Then I look through the weekly ads from Ralphs and Vons and cross reference to see what I am going to buy that is on sale and I have a coupon for. That often means I have a random variety of random things that I purchase each week as shown above. here is the proof ($38.79 in verified total savings) might be saying that is a lot in the wine and pet club for someone that lives alone and does not have a pet. I use my parents' club card number so that is the answer to the wine and pet club mystery.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bunco 2008 in VEGAS

Yes that is right...this weekend was the third annual World Championship Bunco Tournament in Las Vegas. Six of us from the Beach Cities Bunco Babes set out to Vegas for the event.
Here is us at Caesar's Palace where we stayed and the event was held. We are sporting our super cute "Little Miss Bunco" t-shirts that Ben (Kristine's husband) designed for us. He designed last year's shirt as well.
Above from left to right: Vanessa, Kelly, Kristine, Heidi, Monica, and myself.

Given that the event was at Caesar's we decided to register for the Toga heat/round of the tournament so we would match the scenery. We came prepared and brought these amazing costumes with us. Look at those lovely ladies....I am pleased to report that we were again some of the youngest of the bunco players at the event!

This was the second tournament for Kelly, me, and Kristine. This year Kristine is pregnant (with little Caleb due in July)! We are already looking forward to next year!

Outside the hotel in what was known for the weekend as the Bunco Lounge.

I am usually very positive on my blog comments yet this was quite a blog worthy moment that I wanted to share. Remember the days when Vegas was the affordable place to go with cheap hotels and cheap food...Kristine and I decided that the sun on that time period has set. After we took at walk on the strip to the new hotels (Palazzio and the Wynn) we saw that Vegas is much more glamorous than it used to be. Then we returned to Caesar's Palace to get some dessert and we had another reminder of just how expensive Vegas has become. Yes blog readers...that is Kristine in front of the price list. We shared the size pictured which cost us about $14.

We had a great time...Bunco in Vegas 2009 here we come...maybe next year I will win the $50,000!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Marathon Smiles...

Today Diane and Krista (who are both in my small group Bible study) ran the the LA Marathon. After finishing 26.2 miles of running they were smiling and ladies...nice work.

Here is a shot of them on the course at mile 19 with Krista's dad right behind them (he jumped in for some extra encouragement from mile 18 to mile 24). If you zoom in on the photo you can see the classic..."Wow...there are our friends cheering faces!"

Megan, Becky, and I had a great day cheering them on and enjoying the great weather in downtown LA. The highlights included seeing Diane and Krista on the course at mile 19, running into Kelly and Heidi (who were cheering on Vanessa...all bunco girls!), having some great sandwiches from Ralphs, and free parking in downtown.

Nice work ladies!

I thought it would be fun to include this marathon flashback photo of the cheering group from two years ago when Laurie and Theresa ran the LA Marathon!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Dining Out

Eating out on the weekends is always fun and this Friday and Saturday night were just that...
two great nights of dining out...

First...on Friday night we went to RA Sushi...I know...I am not a sushi fan yet they have a bomb chicken salad I have come to love. And check out these cute drinks...mine is on the is known as a Sea Monkey and it was tasty...Shannon's Pomatini is on the left!

Equally as tasty was my mini me Golden Spoon...I am a big fan of the frozen yogurt!

Saturday night as Maryn's birthday at C and O! Here is a shot of a bunch of us girls from our Bible study.

We had a not so friendly server who was a bit uptight about the water drought. Given that Krista and Diane are running the marathon tomorrow...they needed water. So nice Dave L. snuck away and got them all the water they needed for the night.

"Happy Birthday Maryn"

Just a Typical Day in my Honors Class...

My honors class is always a highlight of my school are a few photos to give you an insiders look at what Ms. Pawlak sees...

Yes...he is wearing a helmet...why? To protect all of his amazing math knowledge.

And popcorn...I have a microwave in my room (which the students know). On Friday one of the girls decided she wanted a snack so she asked to pop her popcorn. I said it was going to "smell up the room"...yet I let her do it anyways (I am a pushover sometimes with them)...and it did smell up the room...oh well...they can multitask as they eat and get their work done.