Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

So before the clock stricks midnight I wanted to make sure I blogged to say "Happy Birthday Dad!"...You are awesome and I am thankful for every memory you have given me over the years. I love that we can laugh at the crazy things we say to each other! You love all of us for who we are and we love you for you...that is exactly what makes it special to be a Pawlak!

We had a little family outings to Paradise Beach Cafe in Malibu on Sunday to celebrate. Here is the extended family out on the patio for lunch. It is a bit tough to get them all to pose...some day they will all thank me for having so many photos of our great life!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Meet Travis!

My blog is titled, "The Life of Jen" so I wanted to give you a recent update about how God has blessed my life. Meet Travis...we have been dating for a few weeks and most of you know I am very thankful to have found someone who I am "matched" with so well. We have had a lot of fun getting to know each other...too bad I don't have photos of our 30 miles bike ride!
You all have been asking for a photo...so here you go blog audience...
the first Travis and Jen picture!


Time for Two

Friday night was a Time for Two Date Night at Journey. I had the opportunity to plan the event with Pastor Shawn, Carrie, Amanda, and Sue. It is always so fun to see the pieces of an event come together. The evening included dinner and a concert with Jonah Werner!

This was the table setting for the evening. I named it "Rustic Romance"...it just seemd to fit.
We had about 100 couples...25 tables!

I had the opportunity to cook for the first time in our massive industrial church ovens. These were the brownies for desserts...browine sundaes.

Carrie and I before the event about to start...she was my right hand for this event...she had a certain look for the evening in her head and worked hard to bring it all together!

Here I am explaining how we are going to serve the meal.

Carrie after a little incident with the candle wax.

Thank you ladies for being the hands and feet behind the scenes of this event. I could not have done it without you. I had so much fun hanging out with you all in the kitchen...let's do it again sometime....I am always up for events!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Fun Times...

On Saturday night Lindsey and I made brownies in her new kitchen. She loves to bake just like me so it was fun to make a yummy treat in the first night in her new apartment. It is in Hermosa and it is awesome!
This week at church there is a special Prayer Journey. Shannon and I went through it together tonight and enjoyed a special time of prayer and reflection. This was the 4th station...LISTEN. There were special headphones there to cover the noise to help us sit in silence and hear God's voice. We setup my camera and took a timer photo to help us remember the moment!

"Be still, and know that I am God..." - Psalm 46:10

Ms. Pawlak...that is a blog worthy moment!

As I have told my faithful blog readers before...some of my students know about my blog. Now they have began to use my little phrases and last week I heard one of my observant students say, "Ms. Pawlak...that is a blog worthy moment." Of course I agreed and decided that I need to do another school post to showcase some of the good days I have had teaching math!

Wow...look at the detail...this is from my honors Algebra 2 class. Whenever I see someone do super neat work on paper or one the board or make a great "connection statement" I will say, "It looks like we might be looking at a future math teacher of America here!" That line gets a few laughs.

Having some fun outside doing Inside-Outside Circle...a Kagan cooperative learning structure.


I love moments like this...during my second period of the day I saw a post-its on my front board that I did not put there. So I looked closer and one of the girls in my first period class had left me a little note...

Talk about a deposit into my love tank!

My kids (aka my students) make the job fun...I love them too!

Sheri's Birthday Bike Ride

Last Friday Becky, Sheri, and I went on a special bike ride for Sheri's birthday (a few weeks late yet very worth the wait!). We had a little incident when Becky's jeans got stuck in her gears. Have no fear...within about two minutes...four people had stopeed to help! After that we rolled up our pants and continued our evening ride to the new MamaDi's in Hermosa.

Cheers to you Sheri...you are a very special friend to us!

Such a great night with the girls! Then we had to ride home...we all made it up the Gundo hill.

Monday, April 14, 2008

A Fun way to end a GREAT WEEK!

On Sunday night Shannon and I marked the end of my Spring Break with a fun night hanging out together. We had drinks on her new table (which if you have read her blog she is so excited about). Yes...I am wearing my pajamas...I want to get more of those fun shorts from Target they are my new favorite thing!).

Then we watched Lifetime's "The Memory Keeper's Daughter" becuase we had both read the book. I am sure this does not come as a shock to most of you yet the book was better than the movie. Then today at school a student walked in with the book and I asked..."Did you see the movie this weekend?" She said she had and that is what made her start reading the book. Always a good thing to spark the desire to read!

I wish every week could be Spring Break...yet for now I will smile at the thought that my summer vacation is only ten weeks away.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Disneyland Fun and a few Pawlak Family Flashbacks!

This week was my Spring Break and it was great! I went on some fun bike rides, got my hair done (always exciting), and on Wednesday I went to Disneyland with my family (Drew, my brother-in-law, had to work so it was just the four of us)...a little Pawlak family outing. Even though Christy is not "officially" a Pawlak anymore we still let her come!

Pretty cool that four grown adults fit in one teacup. I will not ride the teacups (I must admit they make me sick) yet I will always pose for a blog worthy moment!

Christy decided to go crazy on the bobsleds and take photos during the ride. This is one of the "selfy" shots! She is so good at knowing where the cameras are on every ride. She would squeeze my arm when it was time to pose (do whatever funny thing we decided on) and then we had fun photos to look at after the ride.

Of course they have a "C" for Christy!

on Main Street...looking similar as always...we live an hour away from each other yet when we meet up we tend to have similar outfits

A little blast from the past from my senior prom (she was a sophomore)...looking similar again!

Flashback Pawlak family photo...I love you all and had a great day at Disneyland...let's meet there again sometime soon!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Jars of Clay

On Friday night Sheri's mad hookups got us tickets to a Jars of Clay concert at NewLife church in Hawthorne. Here is a group shot of of the ladies with the band. In high school I did a performance to the Jars of Clay song, "Flood" which the band did play!
Thanks Sheri for a fun night...sorry my big head is blocking you in this photo!

Nicole and Sheri hanging out before the conert. Sienna as you can see also had a great night!

Becky, Megan, and I also hanging out before the show began.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Jodi Picoult in LA - You know I went!

Hello to all of my book reading friends! Jodi Picoult was in LA last weekend at the Grove. Shannon, Dana, and I went to the reading and book signing at Barnes and Noble. Dana and I are super excited and are taking pictures all over the place.

If you check earlier entries on my blog you can read the back story of how Jodi Picoult became my favorite author. At this point I am almost done with my sixth book that she wrote with the goal to read all of them.

She was so personable! Jodi read from her newest book which I probably will not get to start of a while but that is okay because Laurie and I own all of them and we wait for them to come out in paperback anyway. We learned that we have been saying her last name incorrectly (sorry Jodi)...we have now corrected ourselves .

I even got a picture with her...oh yes blog worthy moment indeed!