Friday, May 30, 2008

Thank You Sheri and Tim

Last night the Outlet leadership team enjoyed a special dinner to express our thanks to Sheri and Tim for their service to the Outlet. It was a special night of sharing memorable stories. I thank God for the Outlet and how being a member of this community has changed by life forever!
Our Last Supper Shot

Tim, Sheri, Krista, and I went to Lotus (a new self-service frozen yogurt shop in Hermosa...I give it two thumbs up...yes I will be going back!).

I am really trying to learn more about my Canon camera that has been through a lot in its four year lifetime. Tim taught me a bit about the setting and that I don't always need the flash. I will try to put the new tips into use!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Weekend Fun

The summer has begun (just have to finish 4 weeks of school and then it is official!). Sunday night was our annual Memorial Weekend BBQ. We has burgers and a bonfire at Rec Park.

The girls looking great! P Josh took these on his iphone...I think I need an iphone to take such great photos...or I guess I could learn how to do this cool "angling" the shot thing.

Ms. Teacher explaining the smores process.

Love this photo!

On Monday morning we met Ben, Kristine, at Isabel at Martha's in Hermosa. Kristine loves Martha's and Travis loves was perfect.

Then we headed up to Santa Clarita for a BBQ at the Pawlak House. My parents went all out and Chrsity made a apple cobbler that was loved by all.

In case you did not see my dad's cool shades in the above photo here is a closeup. He looks like an 83 year old man in them. Last week he had caterak surgery and gets to where this chill shades...he rocks them in the way that only my crazy dad can! They made me laugh all afternoon.

Okay blog readers...the weekend was back to work...this week Jury you think if I have to go in I will get to take my digital camera?...I hope so!

Prom 2008!

There are many fun things about teaching high of my favorite things that I get to do each year is go to the prom. (I have only missed one since I stared teaching.) This year's prom was at a country club in PV...lots of dancing...which you all know I love!
We took some classic prom shots...gotta love those!

Wondering if Travis danced? For sure...he did great!

Many of our Young Life kids are seniors this year so it was very special to be at their prom.

What department are these good looking people in...the math department of course! They are not just good with numbers they are also pretty good dancers if I do say so! So I have one year to figure out what I will wear to next year's prom!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Doing New Things...

One of the fun things about being an a relationship is that you get to do new things together. Frida was an example of that. Travis joined me at school on Friday to see Ms. Pawlak in action. Then on Friday night Travis, Jeremy, some of Travis's New Song friends, and I went to see Indian Jones at the Archlight in LA. I had never been there.

I had never seen any of the three previous Indiana Jones movies until last weekend when we watched the first one in preperation for Friday night's events.

I found this fun Indiana Jones M and M's at Wallgreens (I love that 24 hour El Segundo Wallgreens...did you know even the photo lab is 24 hours?!!!) that I thought we a must have movie snack!

Then we went for a super awesome dinnner at LaLa's that a friend recommended to Travis. Neither of us had ever been there was really good...a nice atmosphere!

So to continue with the theme of experiencing new things together...when we got back to our car after dinner we saw a really nice envelope on the windshield...yes my was a $45 parking ticket. To avoid paying to pack we parked in the neighborhood. I looked at the sign fast but did not read the detail...too bad it said "No Parking from 8pm to 8am". Oh well...we learned for next time and have a fun story to tell!

I have to run...I will post prom pictures from Saturday night later tonight or tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This Saturday night is PROM 2008! Don't worry...Travis and I are going (stay tuned for photos after the weekend). I thought it would be fun to do a post of some of my favorite moments of the past.

Melissa, Heidi, and I at the Hollywood Nights dance (two years ago). We love theme parties! Poofy Heidi we miss you so much...the 21 building is not the same without you!

Prom a few years is so fun to see them dressed the gold Wendy!

Recently I have had the opprotunity to connect with some students who have graduated. Stephanie is one of those students who will always be special to me!

Friday, May 16, 2008

A Great Start to the Weekend!

Tonight I had the opportunity to meet Travis's mom, Debbie. The two of them came up here to the South Bay and we had a great dinner at Buca di Beppo. Travis and his mom have a great relationship...his mom is so proud of him and loves him so much!

Then we walked down to the beach in Redondo and took a few photos (with the sunsetting in the background it was such a blog worthy moment!).

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day Mom

On Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day...thanks mom for as Christy said, "Loving us for exactly who we are!" We met at the Knott's Berry Farm Chicken Restaurant for an All-American dinner.

I saw this sign that was a photo from Mother's Day in 1944 so I thought...why not take a picture in front of it!

Travis joined us for the night...yes that was the first time he met the Pawlaks (and the Fosters too!). He fit in great...we laughed so much as we always one point I was crying becuase I was laughing so hard! It was so nice to have him there and share my crazy family with him...they didn't embarrass me too much...just kidding family...I love you all so much!

Me and favorite brother-in-law...check it out made the blog!

Happy Birthday Shannon!

Shannon Lee is a very special friend of mine and on Saturday night we had the opportunity to celebrate her birthday at Chef Hanna (a favorite Gundo spot!).

A class Shanifer photo

Shannon with a bunch of the lovely ladies

Sarah and Shannon...I can feel the love.

Shannon's best friend, Gail, flew down from Oregon to spend the weekend with her!

I was so happy to have Travis at Shannon's birthday dinner...each week we get to meet more and more special people in each other's lives.

Happy Hour Fun!

On Friday night Travis and I joined Lindse, Nik, and a few other friends at the Hermosa Pier for the Laker game. We road bikes down there which is always fun!

These two takes such great pictures!

I love the happy hours (such great deals) and Patrick Molloy's has quite the deals. Travis was a big fan of the Maui burger...if you look closely you can see the piece of ham that was on his burger.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend Fun in the OC

This weekend was awesome! I had the opportunity to meet some of Travis's friends that I always hear so much about. I got to meet many of his friends, worship with him at his church (New Song Irvine), and see him at work at Noah's Place (that is the name of the children's ministry at his church).

It was really nice to get to know this group of his close friends who live life with him and were so excited to get to know me. Last weekend we had dinner with my friends so it was my turn this week to answer the questions...bring them on! We had great conversation and a lot of laughs!

Edgar took this shot and taught me something he has learned about "filling the frame"...I plan to try that sometime soon.

To end the evening on Sunday we made a trip to "Yogurtland!" I was very excited to experience this amazing place for the first time!

The Latest Quilt!

I finished my latest quilt on Friday night for Lauren's baby shower! Paul and Lauren are very excited about the upcoming birth of Sosi! You are both going to be super fun parents!
An up close honor of Lauren who loves to be super close to the faces of little babies...Sosi you are in for a lot of love!