Monday, June 30, 2008

Marine Life Encounter on a Kayak

To celebrate my first Friday of the summer (two Fridays ago!)...Travis and I went on a day trip to San Diego and went ocean kayaking. He is going to be a guest author on my blog to share the experience with you!

Since Jen's camera and sea water are not the best of friends, theonly way we could record our magical moments out on the kayak wasthrough a written account. We glided into the clear blue La Jolla cove on our kayak at 1pm onFriday. Jen sat in the front and I at the back of our two person kayak(not a catamaran). Once we got a healthy stride, we saw a group ofbright red and orange kayakers wearing life jackets. Something wasgrabbing their attention, and we wanted to see what the action wasabout. When we got there, dark shadows swam under our kayak. Theslender, sleek creatures were leopard sharks, and the graceful roundblobs below were actually bat rays and sting rays.

Jen and I decided that sharks and rays were over rated, so we headedout to sea where we encountered Sleeping Sam the Seal. His eyestightly closed, his whiskers twitched, and he breathed with anadorable sigh. We floated by him and like most humans, he was annoyedbecause we woke him up. He swam under our kayak, floating underneathin the green haze. We eventually let him be.

About a mile out we conversed with a sea cucumber fisherman, andnavigated through a swaying kelp forest canopy. You could follow withyour eyes the kelp's long bodies running deep into the dark watersbelow.

Then I spotted a red ball floating in the distance. As we approachedit, we immediately lost interest for at that time multiple pods ofcommon dolphins swam directly towards us. We could have put our handsout and leaned in the water and touched them as they jumped, spun inthe air and landed with a crash. I have surfed with many dolphinsbefore, but this was something unique, due to the sheer quantity ofthem, the playful demeanor, and the beauty of seeing them glide underwater and under our kayak.

If you can maintain composure with the blazing sun, the chilly LaJolla water, and the variety of wildlife, this is a great date idea.Of course, the date could turn rather sour if one of you doesn't knowhow to swim.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Grub in the Gundo

This Saturday was the second Grub in the Gundo. It is an Outlet event that is a walking dinner tour in the beautiful town of El Segundo! This year we had four homes.
My apartment was House C!
Laurie and Travis were awesome helpers. We were made a great team preparing food and setting up the backyard.
Our theme was Celebrate Summer. Thanks Travis for hanging the fun suggested we will keep them up all summer to enjoy my little back patio!
We took a picture of each group that came over. It is fun not knowing who will come by next.

The Geliskes and Chos did a fun pose!

Such a fun event...excited for next year...maybe I will get to go on the walking tour...who in El Segundo wants to host Grub 2009?!!!

Again with the Matching Clothes

On Sunday, my family celebrated my mom's birthday at Disneyland. (Sorry we forgot a group picture). The funny photo of the day is above. When I meet my family in the morning at the park my sister and I was dressed exactly alike. As you know from previous posts...this is not the first time this has happened. No we did not call each other, no we did not just happens...I guess we are sisters!

Same brand of shorts, exact same ribbed tank...I wonder what we will wear next time we see each other!

We Love Desserts!

My family loves desserts and I have many found memories that center around special treats that we have shared together.
For Father's Day my we had these special potato cakes that my dad loves.

Sarah (Shannon's neighbor) graduated from middle school last week and then Shannon treated us to yogurt (I love the self serve...I can get all of the random toppings that I want).

Here is a flashback photo from a few years ago when my dad made a special cake for me. This is an eight layer cake that my grandma made each year for my grandpa's birthday. My family loves it and my dad learned how to make it just like my grandma! Dad...what about making it for my birthday this year? (what do you think?!!!)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

PreWeekend and Weekend Highlights...

They say that Thursday is the new Friday so this Thursday we celebrated big at the Young Life end of the year party. It was a Luau theme (you can see the tablecloth a bit in the picture below).
I only have a few pictures of the night one of which is of the very sugared up funnel cake. We make funnel cakes each year as a special treat...the kids love them. We had a bounce house, a dunk tank, a bbq, fun fruity drinks, theme music...which all added up to a great night for the kids!

Friday afternoon was a big moment...I purches a new blueberry (that is what I call my day planner). The one I had was going to end in July and I was going nuts keeping a list of events post-July 31st. Yes...the new one is blue too...a metallic blue.

Travis and I joined some of his friends of a night of camping in Malibu. On the way we stopped at a fun spot that has appeared on the blog before...Paradise Cove Beach Cafe.

Okay is the salad for one or a family of four!

Here is a picture of part of the spot...we stayed for the night and then headed to Malibu for a day at the beach.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

San Diego Girls' Weekend

This weekend I was blessed with some special girl time in San Diego with Diane, Krista, Megan, Becky, and Sheri (as pictured below)!
A fun before dinner shot at the resort we stayed at (Paradise Point...nice choice Walsh!).

We enjoyed some nice pool time.

Women can make fire too! We enjoyed smores right by the water.

Thanks ladies for a fun weekend...cannot wait until next year!