Monday, July 28, 2008

The Wilson's Wedding

Another awesome wedding this weekend...Brandy and Ray (or should I say Elliot!) are married and off to their honeymoon. I do claim (and they would agree) to have a part in their union. The Here are some shots from the big day...

the ceremony as in PV with terrific picture spots

Between the ceremony and the reception there were a few hours for some extra fun so the wedding party and guests were treated to a ride in a Hummer limo and a few games of bowling...such a fun idea to get everyone to know each other a little better.

Quality time on the dance floor...

Congratulations Brandy and are a great match!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More Blog Worthy Moments

On Monday at Birthday Bunco (Kelly's actual birthday!)...Kelly scored the first bunco of the night how appropriate and what a blog worthy moment. Here she is with the Bunco cow...I named him "Moo Money" last night...he has been around for about two years and has never been named!

On Friday a few us of crazy shoppers went to the super cool South Coast Plaza for the Nordstrom Anniversay Sale...

me and my coffee waiting! was early...6am!

The super shopping Shannons...happy and ready to go...before...

...they saw the empty donut table...we missed those...oh well...we will have to leave earlier next July.

Lindsey and Nik's Wedding

Lindsey and Nik make a super cute couple and now they are husband and wife! Here are a few highlights from this past weekend's festivities! Congratulations to the Bringlesons!

We had an "all green" patio bachelorette party with green plates and green food!

At the rehearsal dinner we got gifts in fun bags. I thought it would look cute if I made my hair look like the girl on the bag!

here is a better shot of the bag

Travis especially enjoyed the sparklers that we used to send of the bride and groom. Great idea Nik...they worked great!

My 29th Birthday

Last week was my 29th Birthday. It was low key so that I could save up energy for my big 30th Birthday Bash...stay is only a year away...I am starting to plan it now!
We went out for a family dinner in the SCV!

My dad made me the famous multi-layered cake that I hinted at a few months back on the blog!

A blast from the past photo of me cutting my cake at my 26th birthday!

And who could forget my prom birthday party for by 3 cubed (27th) birthday!

Any ideas for what I should do for the 30th?!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

2008 Season of Teacher Field Trips

For those of you that remember the teacher field trips from last year...good news...they are back and all are welcome. Last week a group of my teacher friends went on a hike and then to lunch. This week Dana and I visited the Richard Nixon Library in Yorba Linda. Please see the pictures below from today teacher field trip and check back for other events in the next few weeks.

This is the reflecting pool.

I love the details in the garden of the patriotic red, white, and blue.

This is one of the super cute tour guides. She told us all about this home which is where Nixon was born and lived in for the first nine years of his life. It is in the original location and 90% of the furnishing are original.

Still working on perfecting the "selfy" shot.

This was my favorite part of the library. These are the covers of 54 (I think) Time magazines that Nixon was on. He is the person who has been on the cover the most. Okay get all know that this drove me crazy...they were not in chronological order. Dana had to hold me back because with everything in me I wanted to pull them of off the wall and reorder them!

Free Time to Quilt

With the summer comes a little bit of free time for me to catch up on my quilting projects. In past month I have made two more baby quilts for baby boys. I love finding colorful "theme" prints and then building the quilt around the fabric.
This quilt was for Caleb Ho who was pictured on the blog a few weeks ago!

The bug print on this quilt was from my first baby quilt that I made for Jackson Smith who is now four years olds (you can see him on the Smith family blog).

Dana and Phil will also be having a new baby boy in a few months. They are leaving soon for Ohio so we had the shower a little early.

I love the frog print and have extra so do not be suprised if it the theme for another quilt in the near future!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July Weekend

I love holiday weekends...there is always so many fun things that I get to do. Here are the highlights of this past weekend...

On Friday we did the Redondo 5K with Lauren and John.
In the evening we went with Travis's family to KABOOM! Here we are waiting for the Monster Truck was pretty exciting to see the Motor Cross and Monter Trucks (they crushed RVs).
Kaboom was at the Fairgrounds so we got to take a picture with the LA County Fair Mascots. Mom...are you jealous? I guess Travis smelled the pig or something.

Then on Saturday we went on a bike ride to Santa Monica and stopped for lunch here in Marina Del Rey.

We made it all the way to Santa Monica pier. Tay and I checked the bike was a 22 mile ride round trip.

On our first epic bike ride together (we call it date pi) we sat at this spot to talk about the chapters of our lives. So we thought it would be nice to take a photo at this spot on the Santa Monica pier.

Again I love holdiay weekends...I am already excited about Labor I am not...that will mark the end of my summer!

Dancing Diva

My dancing diva sister and her husband, Drew, celebrated their 2 year anniversary on a dinner boat cruise...Happy Anniversary. Before boarding the boat they saw faces they recognized from the cast of "So you think you can dance". They are big fans of the show and were excited to take this photo!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lots of Things to Celebrate!

As we kick off the 4th of July weekend I am finally getting around to what happened last weekend. There were several awesome celebrations that I caught to be a part of last we go...

To celebrate that we all had last Friday off...John, Lauren, Travis, and I went on a bike ride to Venice. If you don't have a bike you should get one so you can go riding with us (and I always have an extra girl's bike).

Kristine gave birth to her and Ben's second child Caleb last record time...check out her blog for the full story.

Then I got to visit Lauren and Paul and meet baby Sosi.

Taylor Amy Taylor's birthday was so fun...we went to the new crap place in Manhattan Beach. My arm proves that our bike ride was a big long (in a good way) earlier that day.

Brandy and Ray are getting married at the end of the month and we had her shower on Saturday. I love shower games...even if I have to force everyone to play.

Then i went to Sienna and Jack's first birthday party. Check out Sienna's blog to see photos from the fun night. They had the most awesome crowns...I want one!

Heidi's 30th birthday party was on Saturday Heidi said..."this is a blog worthy moment" so her, Kelly, and I needed a special Bunco Babes photo.

On Sunday the celebrations continued and Sarah made her dad a special birthday cake.

Her dad, Dan, and the rest of us were very impressed at her natural baking and decorating abilities.

Hope everyone has a good 4th of July...don't worry...mine shall be filled with numerous blog worthy moments!