Tuesday, August 5, 2008


If you are wondering why I did not post all week...the answer is...I have been enjoying the ALOHA LIFE in Maui. Our family and close family friends spent a week hanging out, doing excursions, having fun dinners, and much much more. Here is a sample of the almost 200 pictures that I took of the week.

One of the highlights of the week was ziplinging. You step down on one side, zip across, and then run up the exit ramp on the other side of the run. I have done (what I learned to be called zip and dip) zip lining before at Young Life camp so I had a bit of confidence in this activity.
We all got the hang of it as the day went on (there are a total of 8 runs). This is my mom concentrating on her upcoming landing (I am sure!).
This is Michelle, Christy, and I on a sunset cruise. Christy had just recovered from the not so great feeling that the boat gives her.

One of the highlights of the week was spending extra time with my parents...they are so fun...even if half the fun comes from poking fun at each other.

Here we are at the halfway point on the ATVs...wow that was a dirty experience.

My aunt was on the trip with us too...she has friends in Maui who were great "locals" to share the experience with us. On this day we made a stop on the Road to Hana.

We love getting dressed up and going out to eat!

Such a fun week...thanks mom and dad...you are the greatest!


Erik said...

i could use a week in maui right about now!!!

The Smith family said...

So glad to see that you had such a good time...your family is the best..

La familia Sobaje said...

I was beginning to wonder where you were, and missing the tales from your fun adventures : )

Laurie & Sam said...

Jill would totally appreciate the toe shot!! :) Looks like you had a blast...some day I will make it to Hawaii!!