Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Places to Eat

On Sunday night I had Korean BBQ for the first time for Joy's birthday (an OC friend!) I experienced it and those of you that know me are thinking...."Jen went to Korean BBQ???"...I know...I am pretty picky so I enjoyed the pork and rice. I didn't explore too much!

Sharkeez in Hermosa is open again and is pretty nice inside. This afternoon I rode bikes with some of my old students (Chris and Stephanie) and we had lunch there. I am excited for the upper patio to open looks like it will be cool!

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Bryanna said...

What?? you can got to eat with them but u never went with me. Lizet and I have been trying to contact you for the longet but we dont know how!!! We need to catch up afterall just because you are no longer at Hawthorne High does not mean that we can not hang out.
I am not sure if u will get my email from this but it is or So contact me!!!!
miss youn by the way there is a teacher camed ms.Dang n everytime i pass by i go DAAAAAAaaaannNNNG ni think of you lol