Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weekend Fun!

Here the the updates on the weekend fun I have been having!
Last weekend I went to Colorado to celebrate Laurie's birthday with her!
Here were are at the Movie Tavern sharing their big blue drink! It was big and blue for sure. This place is pretty cool...the regular evening tickets are only $8 and you can purchase dinner at your seat in the theater. Servers come around in the dark to take orders and bring out your food. It is a fun concept!
The fall is here yet that doesn't stop us from riding our bikes. Tonight us ladies took to the strand and rode to the Coutner in Marina del Rey.

Here I am building my own burger. They give each person a special clipboard to write down your perfect creation. I loved mine...just as I ordered!
Here is proof that we all rode...all of the bikes safely locked up so we could enjoy dinner!

Halloween Time at Disneyland

I had a half day at school on Friday and that was the first day of Halloween Time at Disneyland so we went for a visit. I was in awe of the creativity of the pumpkin characters at the entrance. I seriously was staring at this just amazed by how each little piece is planned out.

There are decoration throughout the park so we stopped for a picture in the Woody's roundup area.
Travis loved the candy corn farm in DCA (Disney California Adventure!).

Then on the way out I was yet again impressed to she the Halloween Time characters lit up and shining bright. I am already looking forward to Christmas at Disneyland!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Back-to-School Bunco

Check out my cool new sign! Shannon found this awesome gift and has been saving it for my turn to host bunco which was tonight. When I got home from work/school this was waiting for me and I was so super excited!

Lisa and I co-hosted September bunco and we had a back-to-school Bunco complete with many fun apple treats.

I decorated my holiday tree for the event!

Okay so all teachers carry their keys on lanyards. In honor of back-to-school Bunco...the bunco cow as hanging from a lanyard that I made people proudly where around their neck when they rolled a bunco!

We had a contest of dress like a "teacher" choose the type. Kristine wore a crazy teacher potato sack dress and huge necklace!

I was the sporty teacher who teaches a section of math (hence my math t-shirt) and Lisa was the hippy art teacher. Love my Bunco Mya said, "Such a great way to spend a Monday night!"

Sheri and Tim's Wedding

Sheri and Tim were married this weekend! They are such a pretty couple and Sheri looked super great! The ceremony was in Torrance and the reception was in Long Beach. It was so fun because there was so much energy. It has been so fun living life with Sheri and Tim and seeing the great things God is doing in their lives in and through them. Check out Shannon's blog for a few more shots of the event.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Drive-in or should we say Sit-In Movie

Last night we had an adventure in LA and enjoyed a drive-in movie in the middle of downtown. It was on top of a parking structure and there was astroturf in front of the cars that we decided to sit on. It was nice to be outside watching a movie and seeing the lights of downtown.

Travis always had fun random faces for photos!

I was told it was going to get cold so I came prepared!

New School

As most of you have heard I am teaching at a new school. I miss my old students yet am excited about this new experience. Here is a picture of my new door...I am in a bungalow...the plus is there is air conditioning which I enjoyed in the past few days!

Monday, September 1, 2008

"YES...I do love my bike!"

Hi friends and family...once again another great Labor Day to help put a great ending on a great summer. So...why the title "Yes...I do love my bike!" This weekend was full of bike riding. Travis got a new cruiser and we made use of it. So again...why the title? One the way home from today's ride (more below)...I purchased a bell in Hermosa (as picutred below) and the guy asked, "I will only put this bell one your bike if you can confirm that you love it." I gave me a confident reply and he attached my new bell! So here we go...the bike ride details...

On Saturday monring...we took out Travis's bike for the first time. He surfed in El Porto and I hung out at the sand reading.

Then later that day the family game down and we had a fun day at Fiesta Hermosa. I took them to Mama Di's which was well received...they love Italian. Check out those sweet cruisers...yes those crusiers belong ot my parents...they love them.

So why are we at the 0.0 mark of the strand? Becuase today...Labor Day a group of us set out to ride the entire (22 miles we thought...turned out to be 21 miles) trail and then back. We did it...rode 42 miles. We left Torrance beach in Redondo at 8:30am and we driving away after completing teh ride at 5pm. Such a great day. We had a casual speed and took restroom and snack breaks.

Here is the entire group in El Segundo were others met up. At this point we had 11 riders and 10 bikes...who can figure out that riddle?

Here are the ride co-chairs people (Taylor and I) holding up a 22...for the 22 miles we rode so far. What is at the end point?...

Will Rogers State Beach is at the end and the bath basically just ends at a little food stand and that is that. We enjoyed the halfway point with a little snack picnic.

Enjoying the break at the halfway point!

WE DID IT!....that is a 42...for the 42 miles!...Such a great bike riding are 2 other bonus shots:

Here is my car with the bikes...still deciding on a hitch rack becuase the back of the car rack that we almost used with a bit wobbly.

On Sunday we went to Islands for dinner...yes the sign is correct. Islands used to make you purchase fries on the side...I love the cheddar fries. Now they come with your burger (the plain ones. So yes...this is exciting yet I must be don't get that many. I had onion rings instead of fries and they gave me 3 onion rings...they were gone in a second.

Back to school this week...stay tuned for that entry!