Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Time Part Duex

Here we are, Travis, me, Melissa and her hubby Jessie (Travis is taking picture), on a ferry from Balboa penensula to the island where our Christmas adventures await.

After a delightful stroll around the beautifully decorated Balboa island, we grabbed some hot starbucks and got cozy on the strand to watch boats donned with some of the most elaborate lights on a boat I have ever seen.

Can you believe it, under all those lights is a nautical vessle? This yacht was seen from a good mile away blazing with its neon lights and other worldy aura.

Here is best sailboat in show.

Travis and I went to Adam and Angela's for a little Christmas party. This is how we dressed.

Utah Pics Part Two Ladies and Gentlemen

This is at the beginning of our 2 mile acent to where angels dwell among mortals... well Zion likes to call it Angel's Landing.

Can someone say "sudden death?" The cliffs were steep and the drops were high. I wasn't that nervous.

"Yup, we're going to hike that."

A neat little section of the trail.

Here is Walter's Wiggels. No it was not named after a guy from a children's program. But we did see a little child all by himself right before the Wiggels section. Maybe the parents thought anything with the name "Wiggels" is babysitting material.

This is Travis and I before our 1/2 mile on the famous spine of a thin ridge.

Would you still hike this trail when you see a sign like this?

A little scary section here. It's a 1,000 drop on both sides.

You need chains to climb most sections or one slip and one would truly be dwelling among angels.

Overall it was a beautiful hike that I will never forget.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

More Holiday Happenings...

On Friday night my parents came over to see some of the great holiday sites in the South Bay. We went to C&O for dinner (they had never been there) and then went to see the lights in "deep" Torrance and on Candy Cane Lane in El Segundo.

We borrowed Santa's sleigh at Candy Cane lane for a quick photo shoot!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Manhattan Beach Christmas Fireworks

Tonight we biked to the annual Manhattan Beach was quite a show.

We enjoyed the coziness on the sand.

Travis got sleepy and cold so made himself and wrap to keep warm.

Shannon and I took our annual fireworks friend shot!

This is a flashback photo from 2006!

The Cutest Gift Tree EVER!

So is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen. I was lucky that I was Melissa's secret bunco pal. At Christmas bunco on Monday night she gave me this super cute gift tree. She incorporated so many of my favorite things.

Christmas at Disneyland

Here are more Christmas blog posts as promised...We love our Disneyland passes as you all know and this Friday was our last chance to visit the park for the holidays.

It's a small world has been redone and looked amazing all lit up.

The castle was also sporting a great deal of flair.

Here we are with Travis's mom, my parents, and their good friends.

In summary...Disneyland was decked out...the castle had more lights and glitter than ever before...It's a Small World...and then there was my dad...

with his holiday hat! He is one of my most faithful blog readers...thanks dad I love you and your enthusiasm!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas is HERE!

I love that there are so many fun things to do at Christmas. I wish there was just more time. Yet you know me...I will try to do as much as I can. So this is the first of what I hope to be many fun holiday posts!

Friday night was Journey to Bethelem (an awesome event at my church) and get a tree night!

Travis is always coming up with funny picture not so much!
New tree...same window!

check out that holiday picture

On Saturday mom, Travis, and I joined the Outlet at Christmas at the Oaks. It is a service opportunity my church participates in every was a fun day.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Camping for Thanksgiving

Travis and I went on a camping trip to Gooseberry Mesa, Utah with some of his mountain biking friends. Here is the first set of pictures from the trip...more to come soon from Edgar (our tech camping specialist!). The following pictures show the sunny portion of the trip. The majority of our first few days were spent in the car and in the tent becuase it was raining hour after hour. Yet it ended up giving us plenty of reading and resting time.
Some pretty high cliffs...they look more frightening in photos than in real life!
So fun to be bundled up in jackets and beanies. This is my favorite picture from the trip.

So this photo highlights one of my less finer moments. Let's just say there were no restrooms, showers, etc...we were roughing it. I will let you figure out with the special orange shovel is for.

So I went on a little moutain bike ride. I was nervous and not very confident. The more advanced riders (Travis and Edgar) were patient and helpful. The right gear and a sweet borrowed bike also helped to make the fire road ride nice. I would do it again.