Thursday, January 29, 2009

Disneyland Challenges

A few weeks ago...we went with Krista and David to Disneyland. The low of the day was the super long parking line...the high of the day was the fun little "Disneyland Challenges" that we created...

Here we are for the funny face photo challenge. We had to pose and do a funny face at the picture spot on California Screamin'.
David and Krista enjoyed these winner churros for winning the Toy Story Mania Challenge.

Friday, January 9, 2009

New York

Here is me emerging from the slimy recesses called New York Subway. Actually the underground transportation system was quite pleasant. I got a free coffee from it. This is us emerging out onto the city for the first time.

Murray's Bagel's. Nice and delicious.

"Where shall we go next?" You know me, Miss. Map Lady.

The little chapel that stood- St. Paul's Chapel. Right next to the WTC. George Washington worshiped here when he was president.

This is where the WTC once stood. We went into a museum about that infamous day.

Then we went to the Statue of Liberty. This is how far we got, unless we wanted to spend 4 hours just getting close to her and then our only day at NYC would have been shot.

We walked through a wintry wonderland in Central Park.

Magnolia's cupcakes. Love em'. So did half of New York City. The line was really long.

We concluded our visit at New York on top of the Empire State Building.

Here is another shot on top of the ESB. I put in another picture to get our whopping $20 per person elevator ride's worth.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our Trip to Connecticut

First plane trip together.

We visited Mark Twain's house in a snow storm. Hardly any one was there. Very intimate. Travis loved it. Mark Twain is one of his favorite authors.

On Mark Twain's porch where he once lounged on. After our tour, we were all by ourselves on the Mark Twain grounds.

We had New Year's Eve on the east coast at my cousin's house.

April, one of my cousins, and her husband took us out through the country side and we saw this coverd bridge and drank very yummy hot coco.

Here are my cousin's adorable boys.

Here we all are at Cracker Barrel. I love my Pawlak family back east.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Week...

I have so many fun photos to share that were taken over the last two weeks. Travis and I went on a trip to the east coast to visit my family. I will blog about that sometime many fun times with my cousins and their kids! I love them so much and miss them already.
Yet before that...we had a great Christmas are a few highlights...
We went on a Christmas date which started at a garden in Newport Beach which had so many great lights and holiday decorations.

The day after Christmas we went out in search of a mom wanted one so we thought why not try to find one. Travis actually found it at GameStop. Here is my sister and my dad...we were surprised to even find one.
The big news in our family is...

Yep that is right...Christy and Drew are having a baby boy.
They are due in May and I cannot wait to meet him. I am so excited and talk all the time about how I cannot wait to be an aunt.

The sign I made for the shot.
Stay tuned for more posts on our was a great week!