Saturday, February 21, 2009

Triple Date at Disneyland

A Friday night at Disneyland is always a fun way to start the weekend. The Smarts had a chance to get into the park last night so us passholders (the Harts, Travis, and I) joined them for a night at the park. This is such a classic Disney photo spot that I thought we should take a photo for the blog!

On Pirates...did you know that ride is 15min? Well it is...we timed it last night.

Colorado Weekend

Now that it is the weekend again I have a chance to tell you about last weekend's fun weekend (I am allowed to use the word weekend that many times in one sentence?!!!)

We went to Colorado to visit Laurie and Sam and went snowboarding on Saturday. Laurie and Sam are expecting their first child in August (exciting!). All of that to say that Sam was our tour guide for the slopes since Laurie is not able to ski right now.

We enjoyed our relaxation time at Laurie and Sam's ski condo. They introduced us to "Ticket to Ride" aka "The Train Game" (Sam will only refer to it by that name!).

The game board...pretty intense stuff!

Travis ready for a snow shoeing adventure!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Rainy Weekend

I hope everyone in California enjoyed the rainy one minute / sun shining the next minute weekend. So what to do on a rainy night...why not go out to dinner at a fancy place...

that is right...we thought this was a blog worthy moment as we enjoyed Western Bacon Burgers at Carls Jr...good stuff! I enjoy wearing fun scarves and vests in the cold yet I am dreaming back to last summer and how fun it is to play in the sun.
Here are two flashback photos that remind me of the summer months I love so much...