Saturday, March 28, 2009

Playing Ketchup On My Life

Travis took me on a delightful date at the Americana. A year ago when we first started dating, he went to the opening night and ever since then this was a much coveted date spot for us.

Travis had an amazing Blue Cheese burger at Granville Cafe. It was one of the best burgers Travis and I ever tasted. No ketchup in this photo.

Here is me with my blue cheese and chicken pizza. I don't look too ecstatic on the outside, but on the inside I was quivering at the knees with excitement. Thank goodness I was sitting. No ketchup in this one either.

But then, afterward, there it was: standing in a golden glow of goodness was Crumbs Cupcake shop. I was so happy to grab one of their sweet Red Velvet cupcakes. Travis and I scouted the entire Americana for milk to wash down this rich delight. Eventually we indulged ourselves on the lawn as we watched the fountain show. We didn't put ketchup on the cupcake.

Jumping a week ahead, my mom and dad came down last night (that being Friday) and visited Travis and me. We went to the beach and had a picnic with pasta, salad, garlic bread and fruit as our food. Sorry, no ketchup here as well.

Here are the apple turnovers I made. So simple, so delicious, so mouth water inducing. Give me a holla and I'll give you the recipe. No ketchup was used during the baking process.

Just as a sunset concluds the day, the picture of last night's sunset will conclude this blog post- do you see ketchup anywhere in the picture?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ten Divided by Two (aka Five) on Tuesday

I have never done a Ten on Tuesday post so I thought today was a perfect day. I feel so behind on blog posting so I thought I would share ten things to give you all a few updates and to share what I have been up to.
1. My Disneyland pass is about to expire...oh no! So on Sunday we took another trip there!
2. Here we are on the teacups. I don't ride the teacups (I get sick from the spinning) and Travis loves them. So why did I ride them? Travis made up a game called Disney Chess. Where do you want to go next. He picks a ride/something to do then mine turn. You only get one when he went to the teacups I didn't want to ride to use my veto so I thought why not go for a spin.
3. Year 3 Bunco in Vegas! Kristine, Kelly and I have been to all three.

Our group has expanded...this year we had 7 girls rolling dice in Vegas!

4. Here we are at our first tournament. We get fun shirts each year. Kristine and Ben are awesome and designing them.

5. Last but not least...Today marks Shanifer's 3rd Anniversary. Shannon is one of my best friends who knows me so well. We became friends last year when we started doing social events together (in the process we birthed the name Shanifer...Shannon plus Jennifer equals Shanifer!). Check our her blog link for more of the story!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Registering is so FUN!

On Saturday we celebrated Christy's birthday...but before that Christy, Drew, and I went to register at Babies R Us. I have a random obsession with baby products (I am just fascinated with what is out there) and did some research with many of my mommy friends out there. The three of us spent three hours in the store....quite a process!

Christy is on bed rest so she got to take advantage of the fancy wheelchairs at Babies R Us.

They also took advantage of the expecting mother's parking. I also pull in those spots before I read the sign and then have to repark.

Happy Birthday Christy!

Boys Can Bake Too

Travis has been talking about making homemade cinnamon rolls for awhile now. So on Saturday morning he gathered his ingredients together and made some yummy cinnamon rolls (with cream cheese frosting!) from scratch.
Many of you know that I love to bake and love all of my baking tools. Travis enjoyed getting to know the ins and outs of my baking kitchen.

Putting the mixer on the Kitchen Aid can be quite an art.
This technique of cutting the dough with thread is something I learned in middle school foods class. I have a secret (or not so secret desire) to teach a cooking elective someday.
They are ready for the oven!

Breakfast is Travis's favorite meal of the day so his cinnamon roll brunch (was very exciting)!