Saturday, June 27, 2009

End of June Fun

Here we are at Disneyland celebrating my mom's birthday, which was the same year when Disneyland opened, 1955. (Consequently my birthday is on the same day as Disneyland's July 17th). Disneyland runs deep in our veins.

Travis has a love for Mark Twain (the author not the depth of water that makes it permissible for a steam boat to move through) and when he saw this life raft, he decided to take it... and then put it back.

My parents enjoying Disney's quaint Rivers of America.

And you thought of me as a city girl. Well, I ain't. Here is Travis and I at the end of our ten mile hike (round trip).

The hike had lush green, hidden valleys and babbling brooks.

Travis felt adventurous and decided to step out onto the ledge of this cliff. It's a good 70 foot drop behind him. I love the wildness in Travis.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Random Redondo Beach Pier

Laurie, my very special friend, was here for work for the past is so awesome that she gets to come out from Colorado so often for work and visit. This will be her last trip for a bit because in August Laurie and Sam are expecting their baby boy. We went to dinner at the Redondo Cheesecake Factory and then walked over to the "Fun Factory" at the Redondo Beach Pier.

Why random...I will let you see...

Here we are with the prizes we got for our 3 tokens...each of these was one token each. Here is the ratio...25 tickets = 1 takes quite a bit of game playing to earn some of the fabulous prizes pictured below.

This is the package that our prizes came in.

So remember those prize claw machines...where you move the claw and then drop it down to get a prize. This was one of the stuffed animals available in the machine. If you get down there fast this one might still be available.

Some prizes I am highlighting...these "special lamps" are 25 tokens.

Yes...this carving is 3000 tokens...there are many other prize items to check out as well.

It was a fun experience that we got a bunch of laughs out of.

Travis...enjoys spinney rides. Jen...not so much. Laurie with child...unable to ride.

Tilt-a-Whirl...check that box. Let's just say I will not be doing that again anytime soon. Sorry need to find another riding know you two love the spinning rides!

Blog Worthy Moments

This post it note helps to explain it all. This is the note I left on both of my neighbors' doors.

Here Travis is with his head lamp setting up his new tent.

And here he is testing it out. Overall...he enjoyed the experience and can check the box. He did purchase ear plugs for the event yet said that the sound and light of Chevron (aka the New York skyline) was a little loud and bright.

Back in the kitchen whipping up a breakfast treat. Travis blessed Laurie and I with a brunch. Laurie was here for work and this was a breakfast for her on her last morning in LA.

This afternoon I got to go to Melissa's baby shower in Huntington Beach (and Jessie too). So Melissa is not a big fan of pictures so instead of took a picture of this blog worthy moment. During the gift opening one of the ladies made this gift boutique on the patio table. It was a nice way for Jesse to see all the new fun baby items. Melissa and Jesses's son Jackson is due in June (this is baby season!). I miss you Melissa teaching without my best teaching buddy down the hall is just not the same!