Tuesday, July 28, 2009

San Diego and Oceanside - Weekend Fun

This weekend Travis took me on a day trip date to San Diego. He planned some fun spots for us to stop at and relax.
Before that we meet the Ho family for breakfastat Martha's. We celebrated that Kristine is now Dr. Kristine Ho! Congrats! Here she is with her special Dr. Ho placemat.

Stop 1...this cool life in La Jolla. Here I am enjoying the kick back time.

Check out the fine print.

Stop 2: Balboa park...what a place...so much to see and explore.

We had a nice dinner at Prado in the park.

Stop 3: Do you see my excitement. As you know I love sweets so Travis surprised me and took me to...

You need to go to this place isyou have never been there. We walked there to burn a few calories before consuming about 20 times what our walk worked off.

Then we made our way to Oceanside where we spent the rest of the weekend with Travis's family. Here he is with his cousin Nathan enjoying a great day of surfing.
It felt like a mini vacation to just leave the South Bay for a bit.
I love the South Bay but new scenery is always fun!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Here's to 30!

Wow...my 30th Birthday. I have been 30 for a weeek and so far it is pretty good!

Enoying a coffee and cheese danish treat as Travis and I...

wait for my free car wash to be done...

He loves that iphone.

He also loves to take fun pictures. Here Shannon and Travis are grilling it up at my fun Summer, Sunset, and Sangria PARTY!!!

Thank you Ben, Kristine, Isabel, and Caleb for letting me borrow your backyard for the night and being awesome hosts.

Bunco babes rock

A preparty shot to demonstrate how full the car was...thanks Christy for all of your planning and hard work...it was a very special night for me!

Stephanie making the blog!

Special "way to go" to Melissa and Jesse who came up from Huntington Beach after having their new baby boy Jack only 5 days before.

Here is Baby Brett...his face might not show it here but he had a good time!...Before I know it I will be going to his 30th Birthday Party.

Grandpa loves his little boy.

It looks like Shannon likes him too! How can you not!!!
More pictures come soon...I need everyone to send them my way so I can fill the blog with more and more shots of a super fun night!

Friday, July 10, 2009

MT. Lowell Rail Loop Trail Hike

Here is another hike post. Travis and I hiked 11.6 miles in the San Gabriel Mountains on the Mt. Lowell Rail Loop. It took us nearly 7 hours.

Guess what inspires us? Let's just say it's not the view of Los Angeles sprawled out 2,000 feet below us.

Travis is calling my friends in Redondo Beach.

We took another trail back down. We traversed through lush forests, deep canyons, trickling creeks all with a breath taking view of LA far below

There were many surreal moments where extreme nature and city life meshed together, such as this shot. Notice the craggy cliff walls, and towering pine trees in the foreground and a bustling city going about its business in the background.

It was strange to imagine that we hiked down from that canyon.

A view from what once was the Lowell Resort. A train traversed the slippery slopes of the San Gabriel mountain side to what was once a very popular resort in the turn of the 19th century.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Sister's Keeper Movie

As many of you know I am a fan of Jodi Picoult. When I saw that My Sister's Keeper was going to be a movie I got excited. I am making my way through all of Jodi's books so I went out of order to read this one in June to be ready for the movie.

As I knew it was going to be the movie was different from the book yet I really enjoyed both.

Here is the movie crew...Travis gets the "good sport" award. He not only attended the movie with all ladies...he also read the book in preparation for the movie viewing. Thanks ladies (and Travis) for a fun night.

4th of July - I love holiday weekends!

On Friday we did the second annual 4th of July weekend "epic" strand bike ride. Our destination was the Omelette Parlor in Santa Monica...it was a hit...check it out!

This was my flag cheesecake. I had seen it in a magazine last year so decided to make it for the fireworks at the Smarts.
This crew watched the El Segundo fireworks from the roof!
In the morning Travis ran the Redondo 5K...he is getting pumped up!

Tim and Sheri are festive and ready to run!

Here is Travis crossing the finish line after meeting his goal of 7 minute miles.
I might not have ran yet I looked "4th of July - ish" for the event.

Brett Time

So here I am smothering aka loving my nephew Brett. Now that summer is here I get to hangout with him more...we are going to have a weekly date day!

Peaceful and ready to go out in the car.

Baby clothes are so cute!