Saturday, November 28, 2009

United Turkey-1

Obama pardoned a turkey the day we left. The turkey rode on our plane 1st class. It was going to live in Disneyland for the rest of its life.

Here's the pardoned turkey, Courage.

Disney gave all the passengers Mickey Mouse ears. We got ours and took our picture with the pilot.

Then Disney gave us park-hopper tickets.

Here's the welcome sign at LAX.

Washington DC Trip

Last year we went to Utah, this year we went to DC.

In front of the capitol. We were in the senate and the House of Representatives.

We visited the Vietnam Memorial. Since Travis' dad, who fought in the war, always wanted to go see the memorial, we got flowers for him and placed it near the names of those who were killed around the same year he fought.

Taking a nap in the autumn leaves.

Here's the room that holds the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

On top of the Washington Memorial. It feels like the whole thing sways.

At Gettysburg. We had no clue what to do, so Travis stopped and asked for help.

Here we are at our first stop at Gettysburg. See that lump of land behind us? That's where General Reynolds was shot dead in the back of the head on the first day of fighting. Travis is smirking because he doesn't know whether this is a shot to be smiling or stoic about.

I am happy I found the first post-marker.

Trina and I look at the battlefield from the POV of General Lee before Pickett's Charge.

Look out view of the field.

At the site where Lincoln gave his Gettysburg Address. This picture is a metaphor to who we are. Travis is more into history and I'm more into being cute and getting my picture taken.

At Gettysburg cemetery.

Sunset at Gettysburg.

Travis' first Dunkin Donut.

In front of the White house.

I really don't need to explain where we are. If you need help, look at the back of the $5 bill or a penny

In front of the Washington Memorial.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Brett's First Thanksgiving

This year was my nephew Brett's frist Thankgiving!
He got to sit at the table in his new highchair and grandma and grandpa's house. He is modeling with his new turkey from Uncle Dave and Aunt Sharon.
Here he is not so happy when he found out that he would not get to try to yummy turkey and ham. But check out that super cute bib...gobble gobble!

And he even has 1st Thanksgiving pajama's that grandma found for him.

Just chilling and practicing shaking his back end to get ready to take off crawling.

What a great way to end a Thanksgiving meal!

Pre-Thanksgiving Trip to D.C.

This week I was blessed to have a full week off of school. Travis and I headed to Washington D.C. and visited my very good friend Trina and explored our nation's capital. This was Travis's first trip to D.C. and we did a bunch of cool stuff. This is just post 1. Travis will do more poetic positng than I. I just wanted to get a few up (since yes I know...I have not updated the blog in a bit).
On Sunday...Trina, Travis, and I went to Gettysburg. They have a 16 stop auto tour...more photos on that coming soon.

Outside the White House - On our first night in D.C. we went on a night walking tour of the monumnets and then finished at the White House.

So...I did not get to get a free flight ticket but we did have a really fun experience for our flight home. This photo is a teaser for now...full story from Travis coming soon.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Becky Smart's Baby Shower

The shower took place at 26 Beach Cafe.

Here's the quilt I made for Kylie.

Showering Becky with gifts.

Party favor bag.

October/November Adventures

Here is my recent October adventures:

Halloween at Adam's Middle School.

Helping the Smart's move.

Time with my family at Disneyland.

Travis and I rode our bikes at Newport Beach and Balboa.