Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday Happenings

One of the best holdiay traditions in the South Bay is the Manhattan Beach we are again this year enjoying the awesome show!

Sheri and Tim rode bikes with Travis and I to the beach. We love our the cold or in the warm weather.

My S.O.S. small group girls blessed me with a special bride-to-be basket complete with the Minnie bride ears...those will definitely be worn in the rehersal!

Jami even made Mickey brownies...nice work Jami!

Early in the month we had Christmas Bunco complete with the special awards for the year. I was the "Biggest Loser for the Year"...I still got a cool personalized glass and cookies made by the talented Bunco Secretary Katie.

Kelly and I (Vice President and President of Bunco - self-nominated that is)

Laurie made her annual Christmas trip to L.A. This time Sam and Cohen joined her. We got to meet Cohen who is super cute.

Last Saturday was the Newport Boat Parade...some of those boats are really decked out! I suggest putting it on your holdiay calendar for next year.
Merry Christmas Blog Readers!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Family Photo Day

Photos are very important to me. Every now and then when I scroll through my pictures I am thankful as I am reminded of how blessed I am. Last weekend I wanted to update my family photo that is in my living room so I "encouraged" a little family photo session...

The seven of us...Brett looks a little angry here but don't and dad turned that frown upside down...

The bib really says it all!

A couples shot

A little extra photo for this post to give you an update. Remember the turkeys we flew with the day before Thanksgiving? Here they are at their new home at Big Thunder ranch at Disneyland.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A New Life Begins at New Orleans Square!

Here we are recreating the moment.

The full story...step by step...(you know me...I love the lists so I will number the events!)

1. Regular day for me at school. Travis did say to me on the phone in the morning, "You are going to have one of the best days in recent memory!" I did not think much of that because he often says very nice things to me when I am stressed by thinking about the events of my typical school day.

2. My parents and I left for Disneyland around 3:30pm. We were doing our annual trip to the park for the Christmas celebration. I had my new red Minnie ears on for the event. I knew Travis was going to join us later that night around 8pm or so when he got off of work.

3. All of this time Travis was at Disneyland picking a spot for the big proposal. He was going to work and then got called off that night. He had even gone there on Thursday to do some research before he knew he was going to be off all day on Friday (good thing we have passes and free parking).

4. I kept saying things I wanted to do and my parents were just playing along all the time knowing that Travis wanted them to get me to the Pirates of the Caribbean. We went to look at the decorations at Disney's California Adventure. We stopped to watch the Christmas Parade. Then we made our way to Pirates. (A little side note is that we ate at the Blue Bayou at Pirates for our one year dating anniversary. I guess we will have many memories there).

5. Then all of the sudden half way through the ride I heard Travis' voice. My parents and I were in row 1 and Travis was in row 3. I turned back and there he was. I was asking him, "What are you doing here? How could you get down here so fast after getting off at 7pm? How did you get on our boat? Are you tracking me on some gps on your iphone? (Again you know me and all of the questions that I ask to try to figure things out.)

6. Then as we excited the ride he escorted me to a private spot in New Orleans Square (as pictured above). He got down on one knee...reminded me of the promise of a good day he told me in the morning. Told me some sweet, precious, Travis type things that neither of us can remember the exact wording on...except of course that he loves me!

7. I said "Yes...of course...aren't you going to put the ring on my finger!".

8 He did and then we met up with my parents to enjoy the rest of a great night celebrating our engagement and the Christmas Season at Disneyland.

Special shout out to Christy, Drew, and Brett who where with us from afar!

Super cool "Just Engaged" Disneyland buttons that Travis had in his pocket for both of us!

Watching the fireworks in front of the beautiful castle.

The engagement helpers also known as Mom and Dad.

Travis taking the plunge just before he "took the plunge".

As were were exiting the park we took a special "Congratulations" picture with Mickey Mouse himself.

Let the wedding planning begin...not sure on the exact day yet...SUMMER of course (you know us teachers love our summers!)