Monday, February 22, 2010

Our Mammoth Trip

The morning we left to Mammoth, we spent some time with my dad and Brett. Travis and Brett were making faces at each other. Travis had an omelet called Tias. It had bacon, cherries (the ones you find in pies), peaches and cream cheese.

I love my nephew so much.

At the top of Mammoth Mountain.

Here we are lounging in a hot springs out in the middle of nowhere. Very odd contrast between the snow and us sitting comfortably in water.

Then we went snowmobiling. Travis was much quicker on that thing than I. We got up to 50mph with bumps and jumps all along the way. It felt like we were in the back country as we zoomed past trees and bushes.

Forest Ranger Travis, here, giving his "Snow Patrol" gaze.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Time for Two

Hi friends...last night I had the privilege for organizing a time for two date night at church. Sheri, Carla, and I worked together to organize the dinner portion of the night. This is table setup...It was a Western theme as you can see. I will use any chance I can find to order StoneFire Grill so last night that was on the menu. When you know a good thing stick with it.

We had 30 tables...240 people.

Another version of the table setup

These last two pictures are an example of why I love event...the organization aspect. I love to plan it out in my head, on paper, etc...bounce ideas off of people and then execute the plan. These are the honey butter dishes for the last minute cornbread appetizer add-on. Special thanks to Travis for the cornbread idea and for giving of his day off to help me with all of the little pieces of the event.