Monday, August 16, 2010

Mammoth Summer Trip

A casual stroll around horseshoe lake.

Evening concert.

A hike to Ediza lake. The 12 mile hike was stunning.

Lake Ediza.

Devil's Postpile
Visited the Ghost Town of Bodie.

Grabbed a ride on a water taxi to our Saddlebag Lake loop hike.

One of the many lakes we saw that day.

Honeymoon Pics

This is what we call an "On No" moment, as we are on the verge of flipping. Sure enough, we flipped.

Took a hike in a rainforest that ran along the beach.

ATVing in the a tropical jungle.

Ziplining through a lush, dense, green canopy.

We saw two active volcanoes.

We took a boat to our Eco Lodge that is situated 20 yards from the Caribbean Ocean.

We watched Green Sea Turtles Lay eggs in the sand. We go drenched out there.

Taking a swim at a tropical waterfall.

Wedding Pics Sample

Finally things are coming back to normal after the crazy post-wedding to-dos. Here are some wedding pics taken by our friends.

We had so much fun.

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