Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend Madness

Black Friday 4am morning with the family. Later that day when she got home Jen was so exhausted she didn't bother to lock her car or put things away, but instead threw things on the floor went straight to bed- atypical Jen.

Jen and I drove to Redlands for Sarah's and Daniel Ramirez's wedding.

You would think this bounty before us was the main course. Nope. Merely appetizers. How wonderful.

Bobble-heads are no longer the witnesses of a car's journey, but of something that lasts longer than 300,000 miles.

Then on Sunday we had our Disney date.

Jen and I standing in the Courtyard of the Angeles where I proposed.

This memorial plaque of Sally McWhirter found in the courtyard exemplifies Disney's attention to detail and the treasure trove of stories placed throughout the park. Sally was in charge of Disneyland's entire merchandise, but died unexpectedly. She sang in her church choir, hence the verbiage on the plaque.

Holiday Haunted Mansion broke down while we stood in line. Jen foresaw the ride would open again real soon. Everybody in line left, we stayed. 15 minutes later Jen's premonition proved correct and we got right in.

Christmas parade at the mouth of Main Street.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween 2010

Travis dressed as an injured mountain biker. Customers actually thought he was injured.

Before Brett went out on his 2nd Halloween night, he put on his skeleton shirt.

A medium size debate brewed between the Fosters, Pawlaks, and Wimers. Is he wearing a dragon suit, a dinosaur suit or a crocodile suit?

Brett was a natural with the trick or treat bag. He knew candy went inside. In fact he took more joy in putting stuff in it, than actually the candy.