Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tahoe Vacation

The moment we finished the eight hour drive, we had to go for a bike ride and stretch our legs. We found a bike path and it lead to a beautiful view of the lake.

The following day we embarked on a 9 mile hike around the west rim of the lake.

 View of Emerald Bay below.
 Then we went to Virginia City and saw some history. Here is a picture of a toilet Mark Twain used. Even famous authors even have more pressing matters than writing.
 Then we went back to the lake and enjoyed a beautiful dinner cruise.
 Your typical sunset.

 Lastly, on our way back from the Tahoe, we stopped at Mammoth and mountain biked and hiked.


Krista and David Hart said...

What a great trip with some beautiful scenery. Welcome back!

Becky said...

I didn't realize Tahoe was with the fam bam. Looks beautiful! And yes, welcome back to blogging- we've missed you:)

Phil and Dana said...

Glad the blog is back! Great photos...looks like so much fun. You look outstanding, Jen. Miss you.

Laurie, Sam and Cohen said...

Blog is back, wahoo! What a fun trip.

Diane said...

yay for blogs! :) looks like a good summer.